• 9h – 10h15 Vinyasa Yoga with Steph
  • 19h40 – 20h40 Power Vinyasa Yoga with Steph
  • 20h45 – 21h45 Yin Yoga with Steph


  • 9h – 10h15 Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga with Steph
  • 19h30 – 20h30 dynamic yoga with Steph
  • 20h30 dynamic vinyasa with Steph


  • 9h-10h15 Slow Vinyasa Yoga with Steph


  • 9h-10h10 Vinyasa with Steph
  • 10h20-11h30 Vinyasa with Steph
  • 11h35-12h45 Slow Vinyasa with Steph


Tarifs / Class pricing

  • Cours du matin en semaine 16 euros
  • Cours de week-end 18 euros
  • Cours du soir 20 euros

Cours à l’unité 25 euros

  • Weekday morning classes 16 euros
  • Weekend classes 18 euros
  • Evening classes 20 euros


Drop in class 25 euros

The way the classes and pricing works: classes are held during the school term only (usually for 6 weeks).  You sign in to a class and pay at the beginning of the 6 weeks.  If you miss a class you can attend another class.  Provided you stay signed in – you have the rest of the year to make up any missed class.  Classes are usually offered during the school holidays on a pay as you go basis.

Contact info:
06 61 90 78 44


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